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“Driving Steel” -The Automotive Knowledge Summit is a biennial event which witnesses participation from senior representatives of all automotive majors, steel players and steel associations to foster deliberations on matters of mutual interest. Together, essaywriterusa.com we share views on the prime drivers influencing the future of automotive materials and greener technologies shaping the mobility landscape. Over the last six editions, Driving Steel has emerged as one of the most coveted knowledge summits for OEMs in India, global steel mills and experts from world bodies alike.
The event is organized and hosted by Tata Steel Limited.

Driving Steel-7
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Driving Steel-6
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    The 6th edition of Driving Steel was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia, the largest passenger car market in ASEAN and one of the ...
    Driving Steel-5
    Pattaya, Thailand
      The 5th edition of Driving Steel went international, to Pattaya, Thailand. Thailand which is the one of the leading R&D, manufacturing...
      Driving Steel-4
      Kovalam, Kerela
      The world entered a new era with nearly half of the global population living in urban areas. “Sustainability” and “Green ...
      Driving Steel-3
      The automotive mission plan 2016, prepared by Government of India construed Automotive Industry as “Locomotive for Growth...
      Driving Steel-2
      Bangalore, Karnataka
      Encouraged by the heartening success of the 1st edition of Driving Steel, the 2nd edition was organized in Bangalore, Karnataka in 2008.
      Driving Steel-1
      Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
      With major auto OEMs setting shop in India, which was one of the fastest growing geography for passenger and commercial segments, Indian ...
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      Steel Manufacturers & Associations
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      Driving Steel-7
      December 8, 2018
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      December 5, 2016
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      October 9, 2010
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