Driving Steel-5

Driving Steel-5

Pattaya, Thailand

The 5th edition of Driving Steel went international, to Pattaya, Thailand. Thailand which is the one of the leading R&D, manufacturing Auto-hub of Asia Pacific resonated with the theme selected – Driving Steel “Innovation in Automotive Steels – 2025 perspective”.
The discussions were based on future material needs for automotive industry, weight reduction, passenger safety, future technologies like 3rd Generation Steel (Advanced high strength steel – AHSS), new coating and forming techniques.


Dr. Bruno C. De Cooman

Director, Material Design Laboratory,

Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology, POSTECH, Korea

Topic: Current trends in R&D for automotive steel

Dr Bruno C. De Cooman is currently Director of Material Design Laboratory (MDL) in Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT) under the aegis of Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Pohang, South Korea. MDL is responsible for leading scientific research and technology developments in the field of advanced automotive, electrical, engineering and constructional steels. MDL combines processing research expertise in the areas of iron and steelmaking, casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, continuous annealing and galvanizing with an in-depth analysis of materials performance to develop new steel concepts with a clear focus on industry applications. Prior to this Dr De Cooman was director of the Laboratory for Iron and Steelmaking at Ghent University in Belgium after 10 years in industrial materials research and research management in the electronics and materials industry. He did graduate studies in the United States, earning his MS in Solid State Science and Technology at Syracuse University, Syracuse NY, and an additional MS in Materials Science and Applied Physics at Cornell University, Ithaca NY. In 1987 he obtained his PhD in Materials Science and Applied Physics at Cornell University. He is the author and co-author of more than 450 publications and conference presentations in the field of materials research and steel technology. Dr De Cooman is also the recipient of “Sawamura Award 2011” & “Guimaraes Award 2011” from the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ).

Dr. Edgar Matthijs Toose

Scientific Fellow,

Surface Technology Tata Steel, Europe

Topic: Advanced Outer Panel Solutions

Dr. Edgar M. Toose is currently Scientific Fellow, Surface Technology at Tata Steel, Europe. He joined Corus, Research, and Development & Technology in 2001 as Project Manager Cold Mills. Post which he has worked in various positions across the organisation including Group Leader and Project Manager, Improvements Automotive Surface Quality. Prior to joining Corus, Mr Toose had more than 12 years of experience as Researcher in Hoogovens R&D. Mr Toose received his M.Sc. in Applied Physics from University of Twente, Netherlands in 1993. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computational fluid Dynamics and Rheology from University of Twente in 1997. He has 20 international publications and conference presentations to his credit.

Dr. Tim Leverton

President and Head – Advanced & Product Engineering

Tata Motors

Topic: Automotive Steel – An emerging market viewpoint

Dr. Tim Leverton joined Tata Motors in April 2010 as President, and Head of the Advanced and Product Engineering Division. In this role he is responsible for leading the global R&D of all Tata branded passenger cars, Trucks and Buses. In February 2014 he assumed additional responsibility for the Purchase and Supply Chain function of Tata Motors. In a career spanning 31 years in the world automotive industry specialising in product development, he has been involved in the engineering design and development of a wide range of vehicles and components, from the smallest car to the largest truck, as well as construction equipment. He has held a number of senior management positions with the Rover Group and Land Rover, BMW Group as Chief Engineer for the 2003 Rolls-Royce Phantom, and JCB as Group Engineering Director. While at JCB he led the successful JCB Dieselmax project which raised the world land speed record for diesel powered cars to 350mph (563kph) at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA in August 2006. Dr. Leverton has a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Aston University – UK, and an MBA and Engineering Doctorate from UK Warwick University – UK. He was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering – UK in 2008. In July 2014 he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science degree by Aston University - UK. Dr Leverton is a member of the Honorary Committee of FISITA.

Dr. Yun-Seoung Jung

Sr. Researcher,

Product Solution Research Group POSCO

Topic: Recent Developments of POSCO Automotive steels and Application

Dr Yeonseung Jung is Senior Researcher at Steel Solution Centre, Product Solution Research Group at POSCO, which is located in Incheon, Korea. Prior to this Dr Jung also worked in POSCO technical Research laboratory. He did both his Bachelors and Doctorate from Department of Materials and Science Engineering, Yonsei University, Korea.

Masanori Takahashi

Deputy Managing Director

Toyota Motors

Topic: Automotive Steel scenario present & future

Mr Masanori Takahasi is the Deputy Managing Director (Purchase and Technical), Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM). He resumed his responsibilities from 1st January, 2013. His current role encompasses responsibilities as Head of Manufacturing, Purchase, Technical and Vendor development operations of TKM in the country. He also holds position in the company’s board of directors. He started his career in TMC, Japan and was a key person in strategic business development. He has been associated with India for various projects from initial stages and has taken key responsibilities in various divisions like business development, product design and development, Manufacturing, purchase and quality assurance. He is also involved in framing of key regulation policies with government of India and Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers (SIAM).

Mr Carlos E. Lopes

Engineering Director

– Global, Commercial, Agricultural and off- Road Steel Wheels Maxion Wheels

Topic: Future of Automotive Wheel materials

Mr Calos Edurado Lopes is Global Engineering Director of Maxion Wheels. He is currently responsible for the Product design, New Process, Tooling and Testing engineering across 2 Technical Centres and in 8 facilities worldwide. He has been working with Maxion for 25 years. His current research interests include the manufacture process with steel (flow forming, stamping), weld (tandem mig, laser, hybrid and electron beam), metallurgy of materials and design optimization. He is the author and co-author of 5 patents and co-author in conference presentations in the field of steel, product design and process technology (Great Design in Steel USA 2014 and SAE Brazil-Test and Simulation 2014). Mr Lopes studied Mechanical Engineering at UNIFEI – Federal University of Itajuba. He got his Master Degree in Finite Element Analysis and Optimization at Michigan State University. He got his first MBA at Fundação Getulio Vargas, Brazil, an additional MBA at Fundação Dom Cabral, Nova Lima MG in 2012. In 2006 he set the lightest Tubeless Steel wheel for the South America market (Biaxial Test based wheel). He is also credited for setting the world lightest Tubeless Steel wheel (Biaxial Test based wheel) in 2013.

Mr. Nicolaes A. J. Langerak

Department Manager,

Application & Engineering Tata Steel, Europe

Topic: Steel in competition with alternative materials

Mr Nicolaes A. J. Langerak is currently serving as Departmental Manager, Application & Engineering at Tata Steel, Research, Development and Technology. Prior to this he has worked in various positions in Tata Steel including Automotive Applications. He joined Corus Research, Development & Technology in 2000 as Manager Designate, Automotive Applications after more than 10 years of experience in R&D. Mr Langerak has more than 30 international publications and conference presentations to his credits. He is currently serving as President of International Deep Drawing Research Group. He is also members of various other Technology group such as “Automotive Group of the European Steel Technology Platform” and “Steel Products and Applications for Automobiles” Mr Langerak received M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering, Design, Fabrications and Materials from Technical University Delft in 1988.

Mr. Peter F. Marcus

Founder and Managing Partner

World Steel Dynamics

Topic: "Auto-body Warfare" : Aluminium vs Steel

Mr Peter F. Marcus is the managing partner and founder of World Steel Dynamics Inc (WSD). He is a steel industry economist, a consultant and a security analyst. He has worked with steel companies the world over on a wide variety of assignments over the years including steel company and facility competitive assessments, merger and acquisition strategies, strategic positioning, public offerings and road show presentations. He also works closely with investment banking groups and institutional equity and high yield investors. Mr Marcus began his career on Wall Street in 1961 as a steel analyst with L. F. Rothschild & Co. He then joined Mitchell Hutchins & Co. in 1971. World Steel Dynamics was founded in 1975 as a division of the research department at Mitchell Hutchins (Which became part of PaineWebber in 1977). In early 1999, Mr Marcus left PaineWebber after 28 years to take forward World Steel Dynamics as a separate and independent entity. Mr Marcus graduated in 1960 with honors in economics from Cornell University and received an M.B.A. in investments and economics from New York University in 1965. (World Steel Dynamics is a "Strategic Information Service" providing critical and new perspectives on possible and probable steel industry developments. WSD regularly analyses and publishes reports on steel prices, steelmakers' costs, steel supply/demand and steel finances. WSD also undertakes customized steel research assignments, specialized in-depth studies, private consulting studies and investment banking assessments.)

Mr. Yasuharu Kojima


Automotive Flat Products Technical Service & Solution Department, Nippon Steel (NSSMC)

Topic: Advancement of flat steel products for automotive application

Mr Yasuharu Kojima is currently General Manager, Automotive Flat Products Technical Service & Solution Department at Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC). He Joined NSSMC in 1981 in the Coating Technical Department. He has worked across in various positions in the organisation including as Customer Technical Service in USA and as General Manager Automotive Flat products Technical Department in 2009. Mr Kojima did his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Doshisha University of Japan in 1981.

Prof. Bill Russo

Managing Director

Gao Feng Advisory Company

Topic: Towards a Green Automotive Industry

Mr Bill Russo is the Managing Director at Gao Feng Advisory Company. With over 15 years as an automotive executive, including 10 years of experience in China and Asia. Gao Feng is a pre-eminent strategy and management consulting firm with roots in China and global vision, capabilities, resources and network. Mr Russo has worked with numerous multi-national and local Chinese firms in the formulation and implementation of their global market and product strategies. While the Vice President of Chrysler North East Asia, Mr Russo successfully negotiated agreements with partners and obtained required approvals from the China government to bring 6 new vehicle programs to the market in a 3-year period, while concurrently establishing an infrastructure for local sourcing and sales distribution. Mr Russo is a highly sought after opinion leader on the development of the China automotive industry. Mr Russo obtained his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University in 1982. He has also attended Executive Development Program in INSEAD in 2001.